MenghuaGuan Guzheng(Chinese zither) Studio in Chicago

Menghua Guan is bi-lingual (Mandarin Chinese and English) and has developed excellent methods of teaching the zither (Guzheng) during her past 20 years of teaching. She emphasizes stage presentation, such as harmony of body movements, finger movements, as well as breath when playing the Chinese zither(Guzheng) and knowledge of the music background. Her students have learned to play the zither (Guzheng) in a relaxed manner. More than 10 of her students have won prizes in prestigious Chinese traditional instruments competitions. Menghua Guan was honored Excellent Music Teacher by Jiangsu Education Department in 2008.

We offer:

  • Individual classes
  • group classes
  • online classes

face-to-face classes is in Guan Menghua Music Studio in Naperville (The student does not need to bring a zither to a face-to-face classes).

Online classes is via Skype, Face Time, or other video software
All classes are by appointment only, Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.


  • 私人一对一
  • 小组课
  • 网络视频课


网络课上课方式: Skype, Face Time, 或其他视频软件

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